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Backing on its consolidated experience, Espin has already stood out for its cutting-edge design and to be a solid and dynamic company.

Espin is a recent company but boasts know-how and long-standing, consolidated experience in the design, production and marketing of disc stack centrifuges, for different applications: beverage, dairy, oils and fats, engineering fluids and industrial waters, chemical and biotech.

Wherever it is necessary to separate liquids or remove ultra-fine particles, in order to recover a valuable substance or eliminate waste, disc centrifuges allow the best from the product, exceeding the limits of traditional filtration methods. Starting from a careful analysis of the product and/or process needs and thanks to the solid knowledge and experience, Espin engineers and technicians seek and develop the most suitable solution for every need, in full compliance with the characteristics of the product to be treated. Cutting-edge design, consistent and innovative research, top quality materials, a lean and flexible structure complete the picture of a solid and dynamic reality.

disc stack centrifuges

Espin proposal for the beverage industry

Must and wine clarification
From the filtration of the must to the clarification of the wine, important improvements are obtained to the characteristics of the product, in terms of purity, clarity and control of yeasts, allowing the production of excellent wines.

Clarification of beer, green beer, trub wort, hot or cold must
Here, too, benefits in terms of reducing and controlling of turbidity and yeasts.

Coffee and tea clarification
After the decanting phase, the water and coffee/tea mixture is clarified to remove any remaining sediment before moving on to the next production phase, allowing to reduce the turbidity of the beverage.

Fruit juices clarification
After the extraction and decanting phase, the traces of solids end/or of clarifying agents still present are clarified to be removed and to reduce the turbidity at the desired level.

Main features of Espin centrifuges:
bowl inox SUPER DUPLEX with very high resistance to mechanical stress and corrosion; parts in contact with the product inox AISI 304/316; cartridge-type vertical shaft; feeding system with soft inflow and hydrodynamic design to avoid damage to the product; hydraulic sealing to limit product oxidation and hermetic sealing to avoid CO2 losses; optimal performance.

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