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Clarifiers currently play a strategic role in the brewing industry. They are often used in this sector to replace or operate alongside traditional filtration instruments, for instance in the treatment of hot or cold must, trub wort and green beer and, more generally, allow for faster and more efficient clarification with clear advantages in relation to turbidity and yeast control.

Beer Clarifiers: Revolutionizing the Brewing Industry

Beer clarifiers have become a pivotal element in modern brewing processes, significantly enhancing the quality and efficiency of beer production. These advanced systems are increasingly employed to either replace or complement traditional filtration methods, ensuring a superior product while optimizing operational workflows.

In the brewing industry, beer clarifiers are utilized to remove suspended particles, yeast, and other impurities from the brew, resulting in a clearer and more aesthetically pleasing beer. This process not only improves the visual appeal but also stabilizes the flavor and extends the shelf life of the final product.

disc stack centrifuges

Beer Clarifiers

The treatment of the beer by centrifugal separation increases the stability of the final beer and ensures adequate control of the level of turbidity and yeast, allowing you to obtain both light and more turbid beers.
The use of centrifugal separators in the brewing industry then extends to the treatment of must, trub and green beer.
Thanks to a hermetic sealing system, our clarifiers allow to avoid oxidation of the product and CO2 losses.

Self – cleaning clarifiers for beer and green beer

ES350BH 7.000 10.000 9,2
ES400BH 9.000 12.000 11
ES450BH 12.500 15.000 15