Disc centrifuges with high versatility

Our long-standing experience in the field of disc centrifuges has allowed us to see first-hand the versatility of these products and their possibility of use in many and different fields of application, from the chemical – pharmaceutical industry (clarification of solvents, chemical products, fermentation broths) to that of engineering fluids and industrial waters (e.g. purification of hydraulic oils, lubricants, recovery of valuable products, washing water) and oils and fats (e.g. treatment of vegetable oils, essential oils, production of biodiesel).

Industrial sectors

Starting from a careful analysis of your needs and thanks to the solid experience accumulated over time and in different fields of application, we are able to develop the most suitable solutions for your product and/or process needs.

Oils and fats

Purification and removal of solids

Engineering fluids
and industrial waters

Purification and removal of solids

Chemical – biotech

Separation and removal of solids


Our disc stack centrifuges can be used in a wide range of applications: in the dairy, wine and soft drinks industries, and any other sector where it is necessary to separate liquids or clean them by removing ultra-fine particles, in order to recover a valuable substance or eliminate waste. Our goal is to ensure you get the very best out of your product.

Given the high separation efficiency, they even remove the smallest solid particles, resulting in a decrease in filtration costs where needed.

disc stack centrifuges