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Wine and Must Clarifiers. From the filtration of the must to the clarification of the wine (at the end of fermentation or before bottling), the centrifugal separators are very often used to replace or complement traditional filtration instruments, guaranteeing vital advantages for the final characteristics of the product.

Wine and Must Clarifiers

In fact, they allow for the removal of solids that cannot be separated using traditional filtration methods due to the minor difference in density in relation to the liquid, without having a negative impact on the properties of the product. On the contrary, they make it possible to improve the characteristics of the wine and its clarity, achieve an effective reduction in turbidity, undesired solids and yeasts, hence helping the oenologist to produce excellent wines.

Thanks to a hermetic sealing system, our clarifiers allow to avoid oxidation of the product and CO2 losses.

disc stack centrifuges

Must clarification

A clarified must allows for a more even and controllable fermentation, and this is vital for the subsequent wine production process. Wines produced from clarified musts can be stabilised better and more economically. The efficiency of the filters is also increased, resulting in excellent cost savings.

Wine clarification

Clarification is not only important in the treatment of must. Efficient clarification throughout the wine production process guarantees significant improvement in terms of purity and clarity and therefore in value.

Self – cleaning clarifiers for must and wine

ES350B 4.000 8.000 10.000 9,2
ES400B 5.000 10.000 12.000 11
ES450B 6.000 13.000 15.000 15